Wayne and Christina

Corrigenda to the Index to
Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (1999)

by Christina Scull and Wayne G. Hammond

p. 459, col. 2: Add entry ‘Boswell, James 387’.

p. 464, col. 2: Under ‘Elves (represent aesthetic and creative aspects of Mankind)’, for ‘149’ read ‘148’.

p. 467, col. 1: Under ‘Fairy-stories (adult genre)’ add reference to pp. 232–3. In sub-section ‘and children’ delete reference to p. 232.

p. 468, col. 1: Add entry ‘Florence (Italy) 376’.

p. 468, col. 1: Under ‘Free will’ add references to pp. 200, 236.

p. 468, col. 2: Under ‘Gamgee, Sam (correspondent)’ add (unitalicized) reference to p. 245.

p. 468, col. 2: Under ‘Gamgee, Samwise (Sam)’ add sub-entry ‘gives up hope 101’.

p. 470, col. 1: Under ‘God (Writer of the Story)’ add reference to p. 253.

p. 470, col. 2: Under ‘Gondwanaland’ add reference to p. 65.

p. 471, col. 1: Under ‘Greek language’ delete duplicate reference to p. 343 (between ‘380’ and ‘384’).

p. 473, col. 1: Under ‘Hobbits’ correct sub-section to ‘Periain, P(h)erriannath’.

p. 473, col. 2: Under ‘Hobbits (‘hobbit’ used figuratively)’ for ‘247, 227’ read ‘227, 247’.

p. 473, col. 2: Correct spelling of names and delete comma in entry title ‘The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm’s Son’.

p. 474, col. 1: Under ‘Incledon, Marjorie’ for ‘453, 441’ read ‘441, 453’.

p. 474, col. 2: Under ‘Italian language’ delete reference to p. 419.

p. 474, col. 2: Under ‘Joad, C.E.M.’ add reference to p. 131.

p. 475, col. 1: For ‘Kirby, W.H.’ read ‘Kirby, W.F.’

p. 475, col. 2: Under ‘Language (planned book on language with C.S. Lewis)’ add reference to p. 105.

p. 477, col. 2: Under ‘Lewis, C.S. (Friendship with Tolkien: Lewis reads, reviews The Hobbit)’ add reference to p. 24, delete reference to p. 124.

p. 478, col. 1: Under ‘The Lord of the Rings’, sub-entry ‘Writing’, l. 3, add after ‘first chapter’ references, ‘first use of The Lord of the Ring(s) as title 40’.

p. 479, col. 2: Under entry for ‘The Lord of the Rings’, sub-entry ‘Recordings and adaptations: BBC radio broadcasts’, delete duplicate reference to pp. 228-9.

p. 481, col. 2: For ‘The Man in the Moon’ read ‘The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon’.

p. 483, col. 2: Under ‘Morgan, Francis’ add citation for p. 53.

p. 485, col. 2: Under ‘Numenoreans’, sub-entry ‘tradition of men out of the sea’, add reference to p. 212.

p. 489, col. 2: For ‘The Rings of Power’ read ‘Of the Rings of Power’.

p. 491, col. 2: Under ‘Sea’ add reference to p. 212.

p. 494, col. 1: Delete index entry for Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. We are convinced by our friend David Doughan that Tolkien’s reference to ‘Joad’ on p. 131 was to the philosopher and radio personality C.E.M. Joad, who was caught travelling by rail without a ticket. (Cf. correction for p. 474.)

p. 494, col. 1: Under ‘The Story of Kullervo’ add reference to p. 214.

p. 497, col. 2: Under ‘Tolkien, J.R.R (Religion: owes faith to his mother)’ for ‘473’ read ‘437’.

p. 499, col. 2: In section V add cross-reference ‘Valar see Ainur’.

p. 501, col. 2: The sub-entry ‘Maginot Line 395’ under ‘World War I’ should be placed under ‘World War II’.

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